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Reliable & Scalable – Gellert Freeze Dryers Are Perfect For Regulated Food Production
In today’s global environments where disruption to supply chain might have a significant impact on perishable goods, there has been a noticeable shift by manufacturers and consumers alike, toward the freeze-dried product market. The primary reason being, from a manufacturer perspective, freeze drying can help remove the need for cold chain transportation, therefore lowering cumulative costs to transport products. Freeze-dried material is also much lighter than a frozen or refrigerated alternative, which again facilitates a reduction in manufacturer transportation cost. In addition, freeze drying can expand the reach of the product to potential consumers or end-users in more remote locations where storing product in fridges / freezers during transportation, may not have been possible. From a consumer perspective, dried products are being preferred to cold chain alternatives because it takes less energy and cost to store before use which leads to overall a lower cost per product, accompanied by an extended shelf life. As the name suggests, to initiate the process of freeze drying a product must first be frozen and dried by removing the majority of the water that exists within the product naturally. This can be done either at production source using a dedicated freezer during the initial processing, or in-situ of the freeze dryer in a more controlled and repeatable manner, through close contact with the shelves. While external freezing can reduce the time required to cool product, and theoretically reducing the total freeze drying cycle time, the controlled nature of in-situ freeze drying directly on the shelves can have benefits of its own. For example, ensuring product samples maintain their shape, structure and nutritional value, because controlled and repeatable freezing and then drying on the shelves, through an optimised recipe helps samples to maintain their biological integrity and structure. It is an efficient way of preserving products without significantly denaturing proteins, meaning that the freeze-dried product is nutritionally as good as the raw alternative, when reconstituted and inherently safer to handle that in its raw form. For this reason, Biopharma Group offers to the UK, and Europe the Gellert series of food production freeze dryers , developed for the regulated food, dairy, and nutraceuticals production industries. The versatility of Gellert freeze dryers, made them very popular in the industry due to the development of a range with ease of scale-up, user requirements and operation in mind. For example, the most delicate foods or ones possessing higher brix values/sugar or salt content, may demand processing at lower temperatures to minimise the risk of altering their structure, appearance, or taste and Gellert have designed a Low Temperature model that will accommodate this requirement from the industry. Other beneficial features that have be designed for inclusion with Gellert equipment include: • AutoDry which is an intuitive feature that allows users the opportunity to input their desired temperature differential between the product / sample itself, and the shelves. This ensures the sample can be dried using the AutoDry feedback mechanism, helping to optimise drying cycles, and enable a smooth drying process to occur. • The chamber, condenser, shelves, and shelf stack can all also be constructed from 316L stainless steel, should this be desired from a product contact, perspective. • A hybrid cooling system can also be integrated on the larger equipment to utilise defrost water by re-heating via the freeze dryer compressors, and then re-using to assist in the defrost of ice built up within the condenser – an effective energy and cost saving approach. • SCADA is also possible, from a secured software perspective of the freeze dryers, which can become an important element at the pilot and production scale. Gellert is a world respected, specialist manufacturer of freeze drying equipment, with over 40 years in the industry. Over this period, Gellert has accrued a high level of practical experience and in-house expertise, developing an array of different models and configurations to satisfy a broad range of industrial purposes. Common applications that utilise Gellert freeze dryers are used for include: • Smart Foods such as supplements and nutraceuticals • Food and Beverages including coffee beans, meat, fish and even honey to mention a few • Dairy Products such as infant formula, yoghurt drinks, dried milks, lactoferrin and cheese • Fruits and Vegetables e.g. strawberries, wine grapes, even olive oils • Pet Food and Pet Treats All Gellert systems are manufactured in Europe with strict compliance regulations such as F-gas being adhered to. As the exclusive distributor of Gellert freeze dryers across the UK, Ireland and France, contact Biopharma Group’s product specialists to discuss your requirements or request more information

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