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Why Independent Validation, Decontamination & Servicing Is Vital for Safe, Efficient Cleanrooms
BPS Crowthorne is a valuable end-to-end solutions provider for industries including pharmaceutical, biotech and even secondary schools when it comes to its comprehensive range of services and capital equipment. One of the most vital of its solutions offered is the independent validation, maintenance, servicing, decontamination services, spare parts and filters for all forms of cleanroom, containment lab and clean air environments. With fully trained and qualified technical service engineers located throughout Ireland, BPS Crowthorne will ensure that your cleanroom or clean air environment is running in-line with the most current legislation/safety standards whilst maximising efficiency. Cleanrooms must be regularly tested and meet very specific criteria to ensure that they are compliant to industry regulations, national and international legislation. As an example, airborne particle concentrations should be tested at least twice a year for ISO Class 5 or lower, whereas facilities rated higher than ISO Class 5 need to be tested at least once a year and these can be conducted as part of scheduled visits or part of maintenance programs and protocols. Why Choose BPS Crowthorne? BPS Crowthorne is the single source point in Ireland for all your fully independent, unbiased cleanroom, containment and clean air environment servicing and maintenance needs. Our in-house technical teams are located throughout Ireland, fully trained and CTCB-I certification qualified. Additionally, our specialist team can offer validation for cleanrooms for small hospital pharmacies all the way to ISO class 1, large-scale pharmaceutical production cleanrooms. Our advice is also backed by following and conforming to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and ISO 14644:2015. The services BPS Crowthorne provide can be tailored to any requirements you need, no cleanroom or containment facility is too big or too small, so we can tailor a servicing or maintenance plan to requirements or assist with decontamination requirements of even filters for your biosafety cabinets. To discover more or discuss your requirements, please contact us today.

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