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Product Code: Gaskets

Moulded Gaskets in Rubber, laser cut, water cut, stamped or fabricated, Butser Rubber and manufacturer and supply custom gaskets and moulded rubber gasket in a wide range of spec rubber materials, as well as all stocked Silicones, silicone sponges, plastic foams, paper, card, corks and leathers. Butser Rubber can manufacture self-adhesive backed gaskets using a range of glues including 3M transfer films. We are very happy to quote for your gasket cutting needs. Please feel free to send your technical drawings to For more details about our full range of products please visit us at or contact us on 01730 894034 Specialist moulders in Silicone – Neoprene – Nitrile - Viton® - Natural Rubber – Butyl

For more information on Gaskets talk to Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)

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