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Butser Rubber is one of the leading rubber moulding manufacturers in the UK. Our operations and manufacturing centre is based in Liss, Hampshire where we have grown in both size and knowledge. Our diversification of market segments within the rubber industry has demanded investment in state-of-the-art machinery to fulfill customer requirements. Our bespoke rubber components can be found in a wide range of industries from Medical to Formula 1. We are able to work with engineers and designers from concept through to production to ensure product feasibility, competitive pricing and short lead times.




Butser Rubber employs a number of staff at our manufacturing centre in Liss, Hampshire. Our staff are experienced specialists in the rubber moulding process, utilising our state-of-the-art machinery to produce industry leading custom rubber mouldings. Our staff are at the forefront of our rubber moulding business, and ultimately provide the dedication and creativity required to ensure successful outcomes for our  customers projects.




Butser Rubber was established in 1977 by Derek and Jean Winterbottom. We now have a history exceeding 40 years while still retaining our roots as a family run enterprise. Our teams determination combined with the entrepreneurship of our three generation strong management team has led to successful growth of the company. We manufactured our first Formula 1 component in 1979 and have since provided parts to many race categories including F1, Le Mans Prototypes, British GT Championships and World Rally Championship. We also have a long history of providing rubber solutions to the Marine and Aerospace industry for commercial and military projects. Our diversification over the last 15 years has increased our capacity to provide quality products to industries such as Health CareFiltrationIndustrialAgriculture and Renewable Energy.

Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)
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