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O Rings to Specification

Product Code: O Rings to Specification

O Rings to Specification
Custom O-rings and non-standard O-rings to your specification, we can produce O rings and O section seals and gaskets with a cross section of down to 0.5 mm with a .02mm tolerance (with selected materials). We can manufacture non-standard O-rings and seals in a range of materials, colours and shore hardnesses. Please phone to state your requirements. Using our in-house Cryogenic trimming technology and network of laser welding and tool polishers, we can supply seamless O ring sections for when the seal is critical. Examples: Formula 1 O-section head gaskets, discontinued standard O rings, specific material O rings. Please feel free to send your technical o ring drawings to For more details about our full range of products please visit us at or contact us on 01730 894034 Specialist moulders in Silicone – Neoprene – Nitrile - Viton® - Natural Rubber – Butyl

For more information on O Rings to Specification talk to Butser Rubber Ltd (Rubber Moulders)

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