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How to Use Picture Rails to Display Artwork
When it comes to artwork, it's not just the frame to help you get things in order. Picture rails can help display it in a neat and organized way on your walls. Consider using different rails to help you get the most out of your products. Here are some ways to use picture rails to display artwork. Prep Your Wall for Placement One of the first things you need to do before getting your picture rail is to put it in the right place. Measure it from the ceiling down to the top of your window's opening. If you have different areas you want to put your artwork, connect the dots with painter's tape or a chalk line to give you a visual of where you need the moulding. It gives you a chance to see the position on the wall that would be best for your pictures. You want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Also, you can plan to see how it would look best with different arrangements in your house. Getting Quality Lighting Another way to use picture rails to display artwork is through lighting. You might want to invest in LED rails that can help you show off your piece. Whether you have a gallery showing or want to auction things off in your home, it's better for the detail. Additionally, LED lights don't generate heat like other light fixtures. It works well for any oil painting that can melt. You want to keep the integrity of your work. LED lights also have more of a natural feel to them for better realism with your artwork. Keep this in mind when you start putting your artwork up to help you get the most out of it. Consider Security Measures If you have expensive art, anti-theft hooks can help keep your work safe. Not only will it help you deter thieves from stealing your work, but it's good for keeping it up. You might have an area that gets a lot of traffic. Put some safety measures in place to help prevent accidents. You don't want your art falling on someone, and take legal action for your negligence. Make sure to secure the work to help prevent anyone from taking your stuff. It's a sound investment to have a photo hanging system that fastens to the wall without worrying about it falling or getting swiped.

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