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Planed Softwood For High Quality Interior Joinery
Timber used for interior joinery needs to be durable, consistent and high quality. We have just that for you at Champion Timber. Our range of planed softwood will work perfectly for any joinery project. When it comes to interiors, we can all appreciate the importance of well finished wood that looks good. Good quality planed softwood will not only make the end product look great, but it is much easier to work with. We have a range of budget softwood that works perfectly for when quality isn’t the most important consideration. Then there’s our premier planed softwood, that we highly recommend for any interior joinery where quality and durability are the crucial factors. Top quality premier planed softwood We hand select our joinery redwood to trust that we are providing the best possible material. It’s a dense timber that will give you great strength and stability in your joinery. The density also helps to make sure the cuts are clean and sharp, which will make woodwork much more accurate. We hand select our timber to find those with extremely low know content. This makes working with the wood much easier and will result time savings on site, less waste and lower costs. It’s planed all round, so has a super smooth finish and comes ready to paint or stain. Kiln dried to prevent distortion A big issue for any woodworking project is when timber continues to absorb or lose moisture. It can lead it to shrink and grow, distorting the wood and all your hard work. It can also lead to fungal and rot issues. Our planed softwood is cut to size, then kiln dried to get rid of this risk. The kiln drying process removes moisture from the timber increasing its strength, making it easier to work with and prevents any movement in the future. Our range of premier planed softwood We stock an extensive range of premier planed softwood in a variety of lengths. It’s medium to light weight, making it strong but easy to work with. As with all our products at Champion, we promise you great range, quality and service. If you have any questions, please get in touch by phone, email, or pop into one of our timber merchants.

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