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EMC Testing
Partnering with Cranage is about much more than testing. A host of technical services not offered by others are available, some of which can be embedded during product development and applied in advance of testing to help resolve issues that would otherwise prevent or delay certification. Despite our hands-on approach, it does not affect our independence and impartiality towards accredited testing. Our UKAS accredited EMC Test Houses are fully equipped laboratories with specialist facilities and expertise to evaluate products within their declared scope. We have many Laboratories for various different tests: - Lighting Testing - Medical and Therapeutic Testing - Industrial Equipment & Machinery Testing - Household Appliance Testing - Laboratory & Scientific Testing - Mobility Aids & Stairlift Testing Our extensive EMC facilities include: - Semi-Anechoic Chamber - Fully Anechoic Chamber - Fixed set up for Conducted Emissions - GTEM cell for Radiated RF Immunity - Stargate SG64 - ESD Chamber For large or In-Situ products we can offer on site testing

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