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EN 62368
We are pleased to be able to announce we are UKAS accredited for the new standard EN 62368. EN62368 is the new standard for Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and Audio/Video equipment EN 62368, which replaces EN 60950-1 and EN 60065. As technology has developed it has become harder to ascertain when a product is no longer ITE and becomes audio/video and this has led to the new standard being introduced, which covers both ITE and audio/video associated equipment. As of December 2020, manufacturers must ensure that audio/video and ITE components and products conform to the new standard, while EN 60950-1 and EN 60065 will be formally withdrawn, with no grace period. It is worth remembering, that this standard also covers components and therefore even the power supply must be compliant with EN 62368. If your product or components are already certified to either EN 60950-1 or EN 60065 then it must be retested to EN 62368. As a UKAS accredited laboratory we can help manufacturers ensure their product is compliant in time for the new standard to take effect.

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