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Delapena reveals how its Tandem Alignment Honing Tools are helping to align the future of aerospace repair.

Delapena group is an expert in the honing market, offering solutions for every honing need in the UK and around the world.

The company designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and bespoke honing machines and abrasives, and supports every aspect of improving surface finish - from feasibility on a part, specification and new machine manufacture, to special tools and services that include honing consultancy, complete tooling refurbishment, application development, process engineering, honing reviews and bespoke training packages.

Over the last 10 years, delapena has designed an innovative range of honing machines and will continue to do so. The introduction of Industry 4.0 – with productivity being the key output – will see delapena design new automatic loading machines incorporating smart technology which can ‘think for itself’.    


The aerospace sector is increasingly tightening the requirements for components to achieve lighter weight and greater performance from end products – higher power densities, more precise control, tighter sealing, less noise and vibration.

Honing produces bore diameters to exceptionally close tolerances. Indeed, production of some parts is to tolerances beyond the measuring capability of many gauges. In addition to sizing and finishing the bore, honing perfects the roundness, straightness and finish of the bore.

An MRO gamechanger

For years, maintaining the intricate and often inaccessible components of aircraft required costly and time-consuming disassembly. Traditional honing methods involved removing landing gear components, engine cylinders and other key parts, disrupting operations and incurring hefty maintenance costs. Enter the delapena Tandem Alignment Honing Tools, something the company says is a gamechanger in the world of aerospace repair.

Delapena’s Tandem Alignment Honing Tooling has helped revolutionise the way twin bores are maintained in aircraft, tackling the challenge of honing the bores, crucial for proper alignment and performance, eliminating dismantling the surrounding structures and costly time-consuming disassembly.

These simple, yet innovative hone tools allow major structural elements of the aircraft to be re-machined in-situ, ensuring perfect alignment and extend component life, leading to safer, more efficient, and sustainable aerospace operations, whilst eliminating the need for expensive dismantling and reassembly.

The delapena Alignment Honing Tools are not just about convenience; they represent a revolution in aerospace repair. They redefine efficiency, safety and extend the life of critical components, ultimately contributing to a safer and more sustainable aviation industry. As the skies become increasingly crowded, tools like these become invaluable, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of the aircraft.

Beyond technical brilliance, delapena’s dedication to customer support sets them apart. Its team of expert engineers provide honing training, honing consultancy, on-site assistance and bespoke tool design solutions, ensuring each alignment hone seamlessly integrates into existing maintenance workflows.

Delapena’s Tandem Alignment Tools are more than just tools; they are a testament to innovation, precision and a deep understanding of the aerospace industry’s needs. Their impact extends beyond efficiency and cost savings, directly contributing to the safety and reliability of the aircraft that keeps everyone connected across the globe.

“Delapena has not just reinvented honing, we have redefined the future of aerospace repair,” states the company’s global technical support engineer, Paul Lane. “delapena honing tools have earned the trust of major aerospace manufacturers and maintenance organisations worldwide. Their adoption across the industry underscores their reliability, precision, and unmatched impact on aerospace repair.”

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