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Definition of business: A privately owned company specializing in the distribution of high value, high quality bio-products for research, development and particularly production.


Management: Manufacturing partners: Cortex Biochem Inc Fitzgerald Industries International Inc Moss Inc US Biologicals Inc


Product mix: Antibodies (Polyclonal and monoclonal), Biochemicals, Protein conjugates (enzymes and fluorescent), Enzymes for glycobiology, Immunochemicals, Enzyme substrates, Products and kits for Glycobiology.


Applications: Carbohydrate analysis, Diagnostic reagents, High throughput screening, Flow cytometry. Molecular biology, and Research. Scale: Micrograms to 10's Kg.


Customer focus: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Life science catalogue companies and large research groups in universities and hospitals. Individual researchers are targeted through our online catalogue and internet ordering system.


Geographical focus: Europe including Eastern Europe


Quality: We work exclusively with manufacturers. This ensures excellent quality, lot to lot consistency, prompt delivery, product available in bulk with very competitive prices.


Custom services: Our manufacturing partners in the United States offer a range of services; (polyclonal antibody production, carbohydrate analysis, conjugation of antibodies with enzymes or fluorescent labels etc) please contact us if you cannot identify suitable partners within Europe.


For Cambridge only: We can make same day delivery for all items in stock.

Europa Bioproducts Ltd

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