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Overview of Glycan analytical services

ProZyme has expertise in a range of carbohydrate characterisation strategies, providing clients with an alternative to the establishment of in house analytical capacity. Furthermore, ProZyme’s long experience ensures the efficient completion of characterisation even if uniquely complicated structures are encountered.

ProZyme not only offers a standard range of services such as N-Glycan analysis, N-Glycan identification and characterisation, High throughput N-Glycan screening and N-Glycan remodelling and glyco-variant production but also a customised service. Here the analyses are tailored to meet your particular needs.

Many of the analyses can be performed by more than one technique (CE, UPLC or MS) offering independent verification of results.

ProZyme uses their GlykoPrep™ or Gly-X™ sample preparation technologies.

ProZyme has the following analytical systems:
UPLC: Waters ACQUITY H-class, H class Bio and I-class
CE: Beckman Coulter PA800 plus pharmaceutical analysis system
MS: Waters Xevo G2-S Q-Tof.

ProZyme has the following system for automation of GlykoPrep™ glycan analysis:
Agilent AssayMAP Bravo liquid handling station.

N-Glycan analysis

ProZyme can provide more in depth analysis of your products. ProZyme’s scientists can work with you to develop a separation method custom suited to your needs. If not you can take advantage of one of our fully developed methods which we can transfer to your laboratory.

N-Glycan identification and characterisation

ProZyme can provide N-Glycan characterisation/identification using a variety of tools. Whether you are in need of simple mass confirmation, you need to identify an unknown glycan or need to fully characterise the glycan for your final drug product, ProZyme can meet your needs.

ProZyme has a vast library of N-Glycan standards that can be used for spiking and co-injection experiments. The range of exo-glycosidases can be utilised in a variety of experiments to assist in characterisation. Ultimately high resolution mass spectrometry (LC/MS and LC/MS/MS) can be employed.

High throughput N-Glycan screening

Samples are prepared using ProZyme’s GlykoPrep™ sample preparation platform automated on the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo liquid handling platform. Analysis is by UHPLC-FLR and 100 samples can be analyse in as little as one week.

N-Glycan remodelling and glyco-variant production

During the development process, characterisation studies focusing on structure activity relationships often arise. One of the structural attributes that can have a profound effect on biological activity is glycosylation. ProZyme can provide a range of services to generate remodelled glyco-variants to suit your needs. Glyco-variants can range from fully de-galactosylated to fully sialylated products.

Please enquire and we will set up a conference call with the ProZyme scientists to define your needs so we can prepare a quotation.

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