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Cylinder Heating Jackets

Understanding Gas Bottle Frosting and Solutions with LMK Thermosafe Gas Bottle / Cylinder Heating Jackets


For many industries reliant on gas supply, the issue of gas bottle frosting can pose significant challenges. This occurrence, often exacerbated in colder climates or seasons, occurs when the temperature surrounding the gas bottle drops below its dew point, causing moisture in the air to condense and freeze on the surface of the bottle. The consequences of this frosting can range from reduced gas flow rates and utilisation, to operational inefficiencies and safety concerns.


In wintry conditions, gas bottles stored outdoors or in unheated spaces are particularly susceptible to frosting. This not only impedes the flow of gas but also leads to a substantial amount of gas can remaining trapped within the cylinder, meaning it’s swapped out and returned to the supplier with up to 20% of the contents remaining. Fortunately, solutions like LMK Thermosafe Gas Bottle Heating Jackets offer an effective remedy to this problem.


How LMK Thermosafe Gas Bottle Heating Jackets Resolve Frosting Issues


LMK Thermosafe Gas Bottle Heating Jackets are intelligently designed solutions tailored to mitigate the challenges posed by gas bottle frosting. These jackets utilize advanced heating technology to regulate the temperature of gas bottles, preventing them from dropping below the dew point and thereby eliminating frosting.


By maintaining an optimal temperature, these jackets ensure a consistent and reliable gas flow rate. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also minimises the wastage of gas that would otherwise be rendered unusable due to frosting. Consequently, industries relying on consistent gas supply, such as manufacturing, healthcare, or hospitality, can significantly benefit from the uninterrupted flow ensured by these heating jackets.


Custom Options and ATEX/IECEx Certifications


LMK Thermosafe doesn’t just provide standardised solutions; they offer customisable options to suit specific industry needs. Whether it's different sizes, specialised fittings, or tailored specifications, these heating jackets can be adapted to various gas bottle configurations with a range of control options.


Moreover, for industries operating in hazardous environments where explosive atmospheres are a concern, LMK Thermosafe provides EX certified options. This certification ensures compliance with stringent safety standards, assuring users of the jackets’ reliability and safety even in potentially volatile settings.




Gas bottle frosting is a common challenge, especially in wintry conditions, impacting gas flow rates and overall operational efficiency. However, solutions like LMK Thermosafe Gas Bottle Heating Jackets offer a definitive remedy. By regulating temperatures, these jackets ensure consistent gas flow, minimize wastage, and can be customized to suit specific industry requirements. The cost saving alone from higher bottle utilisation quickly covers the initial outlay for the jacket(s). Their ATEX certified options further underscore their safety and reliability, making them a valuable asset across various industrial sectors.

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