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Process Heating Solutions For The Mining Industry

Improving Site Efficiency with Targeted Process Heating              


Do you want to lower maintenance costs through improvements in lubrication of plant and machinery?

Does your productivity reduce in cold weather due to conveyor and bearing failures caused by unreliable lubrication?

Have you calculated the cost of wasted grease through poor utilisation when refilling grease-pot contents?


LMK Thermosafe have been providing high reliability heaters for over 35 years to help reduce maintenance costs at mines around the world.


Easy to install: Only require low power single phase electricity, double insulated, water and chemical resistant for use in harsh environments.


Fast return on investment: Operational energy savings using our insulated and energy efficient heating jackets combine with increased machinery lifecycles to reduce repairs downtime, along with a more productive working environment.  


Changing Operating Environments: Whatever the ambient temperature fluctuation, LMK Thermosafe heating jackets can reliably maintain the right viscosity of lubricants, even in fully automated areas.


Safety First: All LMK Thermosafe products can be safely put into use 24/7 without operators present, including our specialist heaters with hazardous area certification.


LMK Thermosafe’s range of flexible and lightweight heating jackets provide reliable, safe and robust solutions for use in the harshest environments. Multiple sizes available ex-stock for both safe and hazardous EX locations, with custom jackets for non-standard tanks and containers manufactured to short lead-times.



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