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About MAHLE Powertrain - Your engineering service provider for the entire powertrain

Engineering Sustained High Performance


We provide a broad spectrum of skills and capabilities to our global customers. With expert knowledge and a detailed understanding of new technologies, MAHLE Powertrain supports the international automotive industry with optimized powertrain solutions to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Engine, transmission, hybrid, software, operating strategy. From one source.


With the conflicting objectives of increased power and torque with reduced fuel consumption and emissions, the need for advanced engine technologies has never been greater. The choice of vehicle power units is now much broader, with series and parallel hybrids, battery electric motor drives, and high efficiency fuel cell systems under intense development.


MAHLE Powertrain provides our customers with a unique combination of support capabilities —access to the latest component and subsystem technologies from our parent company MAHLE, research and development of these technologies to create pioneering powertrain solutions, and the experience of taking these advanced drivetrains into production.


Whatever your powertrain design or development needs are, MAHLE Powertrain can support you with cost-effective, tailored solutions.

MAHLE Powertrain Ltd
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