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January 2016

January 2016
Aerospace: Successful machine acceptance in Nersingen In March, we reported on the successful acquisition of an order from Taiwan. The machine has now been preliminarily accepted. It represents a comprehensive solution for the manufacturing of high piece counts in small batch sizes of composite elements in honeycomb structure down to batch size 1. The concept includes two machines with two tables each and an integrated automated jig management. Controlled by the NC program, this permits the positioning of the relevant appropriate jig on the correct table. With the new storage system, the Taiwanese supplier to the aviation industry significantly improves its efficiency because now automatic jig loading is possible in three-shift operation. The customer delegation was clearly impressed by the technical execution when the system was inspected. "A pleasing acknowledgement of our industry expertise in the aviation industry", says MAKA Managing Director Klaus Kern. Rooflight: MAKA precision as the key to product success With its rooflight generation RotoQ, Roto Okna Dachowe in Poland has set new quality standards. The fully automatic manufacturing solution for the precise drillings and milling grooves in the window frames and casements comes from MAKA. To meet Roto's high requirements, a measurement station with virtual axes was integrated. "In doing so, we reach the accuracy of fit and the gap dimensions that ensure the window's extraordinary product features," Production Manager Arkadius Krakowiak points out. Soon, the productive co-operation is to gain further impetus. Roto Okna Dachowe has already signalled its interest in the flow-through system technology. "We are on our way to Industrie 4.0 and regard MAKA as the ideal partner for this challenge", Arkadius Krakowiak emphasises. Automobile manufacturing: Individuality requires flexible MAKA technology Customised manufacturing again and again also poses new challenges for suppliers to the automotive industry. When it comes to the balancing act between flexibility, quality and productivity, QUIN ROMANIA relies on MAKA's highly developed technology. A total of 20 MAKA machines are already in use. At the Brasov plant, QUIN has opted for the MAKA DC 7 concept. Vertical clamping ensures substantial space saving. Another highlight is the turning table. While a part is processed with two heads in the machine, another machined part is replaced with an unmachined part on the protected operating side. QUIN Development Manager Adrian Antonescu emphasises: "MAKA's manufacturing system optimally meets our daily changing requirements both with regard to flexibility and efficiency, performance and quality of the final product". Trade shows: MAKA demonstrates broad material expertise With its integration of robots in a manufacturing solution, MAKA impressed the wood specialists at the world's leading trade show LIGNA. Two orders by renowned door producers rounded off the success in Hanover. But wood is just one of MAKA's numerous competences. We were able to give evidence of that at the Composites Europe in Stuttgart at the end of September. Finally, with the successful presentation at metalmadrid `15 in November, MAKA also showed its colours in the segment of metal processing. Managing Director Klaus Kern declares: "MAKA turns technical progress into customer benefit.".

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