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July 2016

July 2016
MAKA Managing Directors: Dual leadership from September on As of 12 September, Dr Jens Muckli, together with Klaus Kern, will be in charge of business at MAKA. In his previous position, 58 year old Dr Muckli was Technical Director at Gleason-Pfauter Maschinenfabrik in Ludwigsburg / Germany. At MAKA, he will be responsible for the business units Design and Construction, Production, Service and commercial matters. In the future, Klaus Kern will be responsible for sales and the expansion of the recently rapidly growing Asian business. With the new dual leadership, MAKA will in particular be perfectly positioned for positive business development in the light of expanding and complex tasks. For MAKA, the Polish market is getting increasingly attractive. In order to directly serve prospects in our neighbouring country, we are currently establishing our own staff in Poland. The primary contact person is Jacek Mierzejewski, Sales Manager Poland. The 59-year-old is convinced that MAKA has excellent potential in Poland: “MAKA is well-known in Poland. Our machines are considered to rank among the best in the market.” The medium-term objective of MAKA's involvement in Poland is the establishment of a branch office. For a renowned automotive company, MAKA has developed an automatic measuring program capable of testing the machine for errors in a highly-precise and comprehensive way. To do so, at the linear-axes scales, a 3-D measuring probe determines the biometric angle of the axes. The alignment of the rotary axes is checked on the machine using a contact stylus. In the past, it was only possible to measure the rotary axes. This new development has already been delivered within the scope of an order comprising several BC 150 type machines and is already in use at the customer. BRUNEX: “Just-in-time” manufacturing with MAKA competence BRUNEX produces a wide range of interior and exterior doors. At an early stage, the Swiss market leader identified the development towards individualisation and has moved to order-related “just in time” manufacturing. Perfectly meeting this philosophy with customised CNC manufacturing systems, MAKA has been the company's technology partner for a long time. Recently, BRUNEX ordered two new machines in Nersingen. One of these, a CR 27 TBZ, is used for universal machining. It is equipped with an additional table to also produce finished frame segments. The second machine is a BC 150 Compact TBZ which will be used for manufacturing door leafs as semi-finished products for BRUNEX's carpentry clients. The moving gantry machine features fully automatic loading and is ideally suited for small batches down to batch size 1.

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