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November 2014

November 2014
MAKA MEETS TODAY'S TRENDS Increasingly façade and interior designers use corrosion-proof stainless steel for facing and decoration. Large and small customers insist on the noble steel with its durable matt finish resistant to weathering. This goes for stainless steel panels on the exterior façade of skyscrapers and the decorative facing of single house balconies alike. Attractive, exclusive and made to last ... no chipping paint, no patina, nothing that can no longer cope with today's environmental influences ... not even aluminium can beat stainless steel. It is expected to be mainte-nance-free and must always keep its shine. In the past, it used to be gold that gave ancient temples their shine, the solution for today's metropolitan temples is stainless steel. And private home builders insist on stainless steel as well. But how do you shape these parts? You need stainless steel sheet blanks and cut-outs? No problem! There are well-established processing methods on renowned sheet metal working centres using water jet or laser cutting processes. If precision is not a must, nibbling is an alternative. But what do you do if only a simple v-cut for fine edging or even a deli-cate surface structure or a nice pattern are to be machined? And you need to do this on large format sheets? Of course, you could resort to an equally large CNC machine tool. But how can you justify the costs? This is where MAKA comes in! MAKA with their expertise in façade panels and interior finishing. With knowledge in the milling of wood and all types of plastics and composites and aluminium acquired in over 60 years. Even when things get tough, such as in aerospace, or very fast, such as in the automotive sector. What is there to stop us tackling the sought-after stainless steel, MAKA’s technologists thought. No sooner said than done ... the competence centres of the corresponding tool suppliers were taken on board, the currently most challenging applications were analysed and were tested and machined with a lot of sweat and minimum oil mist. The result ... The full-featured CNC 5-axis concept with its own MAKA 26kW spindle technology, the proprietary programming system SolidCam brought to-gether in the robust stable MAKA CNC CR 27 have proven: With their ex-pertise, MAKA have opened a new field of application and offer their cus-tomers a proven economic production concept for machining stainless steel, especially in the segment of panel processing. MAKA are capable of milling radii as small as 5 mm in surface patterns by chiselling, of machining v-grooves with a speed of 3 metres per min-ute. And as is often the case, here too, the Tool Blower System devel-oped and patented by MAKA provides a significant advantage ... with extremely small quantities of oil, an optimal minimum quantity lubrication film is applied directly at the tool cutting edge leaving the workpiece sur-face nearly dry… Would you like to present us with your special application case? We would be glad to show you, how you can reach your goals with the help of MAKA! Armin Pohl Sales Engineer Tel.: +49 (0) 73 08 / 813 - 279 eMail: SUITCASE MANUFACTURER SAMSONITE IS EXPANDING ITS CAPACITIES Samsonite - doubtlessly one of the world's best-known travel solutions providers - opts for MAKA! The US-American suitcase manufacturer Samsonite is expanding its manufacturing capacities at its site in Szekszárd/Hungary. In order to do so, a production hall of 4,400 sq m is going to be put up where 800 suitcases made of the base material polycarbonate are going to be produced in the future. Samsonite announced that a new technology with a higher proportion of added value was going to be used in the Hungarian plant. Our machine MM 7t will be making a significant contribution in the future to reach this ambitious goal. In early July MAKA's MM 7t was delivered to Samsonite and was immediately and successfully put into operation. Using the 5-axis CNC machining centre MM 7t, which has 2x2 coupled Z-axes, hard protective cases of all sizes are being produced from now on. This machine MM 7t is perfectly tailored to our customers' requirements, because the extending tables are easily accessible and can also be loaded easily by the operating staff. State-of-the-art technologies support the machining of plastic suitcases and in-parallel 5-axis machining is also possible by aid of the four-spindle technology. MAKA is proud to have been able to put a customized solution into reality with such an important customer like Samsonite. Hence nothing stands in the way of Samsonite's mission statement: ‘Life's a Journey’ any longer. Source: ............................................................... AS SLOUGHI BOATS' PARTNER MAKA IS BRINGING AN INNOVATIVE YACHT INTO WATER At the French Riviera in Cannes, Sloughi Boats is presenting its new generation of boats – minimalist, compact and svelte. But it is North Africa where the Tunisian boatbuilder is most successful. We first came into contact with Sloughi Boats at the IEC trade fair in Paris in 2012. After intensive and exciting discussions, MAKA and Sloughi “put their heads together”. This resulted in the perfect solution for a new and innovative hulk design with the highest and most stable sliding characteristics. At the end of the intensive elaboration stage of the project, during which MAKA considered all of Sloughi Boats' specific requirements, it was clear: It is going to be MAKA's BC 570 – as this is the machine which is most suitable to meet the requirements for building this world innovation. The BC 570 is in particular suitable for the machining of large workpieces with a useful length of up to 50 m and more. Having the gantry machining centre BC 570, MAKA was able to further develop a 5-axis CNC machining centre specialised in particular in these long machining dimensions. In October 2014, the BC 570 left MAKA’s premises and set out for Tunisia in seven lorries. Our customer is demanding – it makes us proud to have been able to win him as our satisfied client. Meanwhile, the first prospective customers from the United Arab Emirates are having a closer look at the machine – hardly surprising, because after all the BC 570 definitively looks impressive!

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