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Founded in 2006, Fairnet Commercial Services was established to deliver a step change in energy buying; initially fo-cussing on building Energy Buying Groups for organisations so that independent members benefitted from the buying power of all the members - they soon found that their service could deliver for all businesses, small or large, and they sought to develop a network of friendly, customer oriented, local consultants to both refer their service and provide the necessary help many businesses need. Fairnet have partnered with Market Dojo to create an innovative two stage Reverse Auction, allowing energy suppliers to respond to market competition via qualification bids, followed by a dynamic e-auction to further sharpen rates from the best 2 or 3 suppliers. For larger supplies, Fairnet can run Reverse Auctions several months in advance of contract renewal dates providing a benchmark target cost and using daily market data they will index prices to give an indication of contractual prices, giving clients the opportunity to exploit market opportunities that arise. Using Market Dojo's Reverse Auction software, Fairnet typically saves clients 15% over renewal offers and 2-3% on wholesale prices. “Market Dojo are a joy to work with. They have a fantastic solution for eSourcing today and some really exciting innovations for the future.”

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