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NTT is one of the UK's leading telephone fundraising agencies. They work with charities of all sizes, and have over 20 years of experience in delivering inspiring telephone campaigns. “We used the Market Dojo solution at the start of the year to help with the re-negotiation of annual service contracts. For us the key reason was to be able to structure and define the terms we wanted from the providers that we requested propositions from. Our plan was to run a reverse auction, but based on only the simple RFQ process we were able to very quickly identify the provider who had the most rounded service provision and best suited our needs. It got better when we worked out that the price submitted was nearly ¾ of last year's price. A significant saving. The cost of the Market Dojo application was recovered in the first 2 months savings and we are now enjoying a reduced overhead as a result.” - David Clark, Managing Director, NTT Fundraising

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