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Lithium Battery Storage
Lithium Ion Battery Storage
Ensure your Lithium-ion batteries are stored securely with our range of EN 14470-1 approved Lithium-ion Battery Cabinets.
90-minute fire resistance.
9 standard sizes to choose from.
Optional Extras:
  • Air Extractor installation (optional extra across all models)
  • Power Sockets
  • Quarantine Suppression w/ Water Pump & Algaeicide
  • FirePro Suppression + Control Panel + Smoke Heat Sensor + Alarm



  • Certified to standard EN 14470-1 - 90 minute fire resistance (TYPE 90)



  • Reduces the risk of fire and explosion
  • Reduces risk of fire spreading into or from the cabinet
  • Fire resistance of minimum 90 minutes
  • Contains temperatures of up to 800 °C for over 90 minutes

For more information on Lithium Battery Storage talk to Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

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