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230V Heating Blanket 0-90ºC - 10-9614DT: 1500 x 290mm
230V Heating Blanket 0-90ºC\n230V Heating Blanket 0-90ºC electric heating blankets make it easy to heat up material including composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material.\n\nThe blanket therefore acts as a perfect heat spreader on the desired material.\n\nIndustrial heating mats are used in many industries, including repair of wind turbine blades, repair and production of both the marine industry and the aerospace industry.\nSpecifications:\n\n Nylon Material\n Polyester insulation\n 8mm insulation for minimal heat loss.\n Teflon Heating Wire\n Grounded Heating system\n Safety Thermostat\n 3M power Cable (no plug provided - available as an optional extra)\n Optimal curing of the composite materials, carbon, and epoxy pre preg.\n The blankets can be put together to cover a larger surface.\n Straps for fixed installation (optional).\n Many sizes in stock.\n\nIdeal For:\n\n Curing composite materials, carbon, epoxy prepreg.\n Curing processes in aerospace industry and in marine industry.\n Wind turbine rotor blade repair and wind turbine rotor blade production.\n\nSizes:\n\n\n\nCODE\nCONTROLLER\nVOLTS & WATT\nSIZE\nCOLOUR\n\n\n17-2385DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 1140W\n5000 x 500mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n10-9580DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 700W\n3000 x 500mm\nGreen\n\n\n13-1246DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 560W\n2000 x 500mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n11-9774DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 270W\n1000 x 500mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n08-9323DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 200W\n600 x 600mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n08-9099DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 450W\n1000 x 1000mm\nYellow\n\n\n10-9486DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 450W\n1300 x 1300mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n08-9030DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 1200W\n2000 x 1000mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n10-9488DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 200W\n700 x 1000 x 700mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n12-1076DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 450W\n1200 x 800mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n12-1066DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 200W\n>1000 x 290mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n10-9614DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 200W\n1500 x 290mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n09-9389DT\nDigital 0-90ºC\n230V 400W\n3800 x 290mm\nDark Blue\n\n\n\nPLEASE NOTE:\n\nThe heating blanket will be delivered without a plug unless ordered from the drop down menu above.\n\nUsually in stock and can be delivered within 1-2 weeks.\n\nIf you're requiring large quantities of Drum, IBC or Regular Heating Blankets or Covers, please do let us know and we can offer some further discount.

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