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IBC Insulation Body Cover
IBC Insulation Body Cover\nIBC Insulation Body Cover is designed to insulate and maintaining temperature inside an intermediate bulk container otherwise known as an IBC Container.\n\nAs for standards this insulation cover fits a standard 1000 liter container.\n\nDesigned in quality nylon materials and equipped with 4 quick release buckles for easy installation.\n\nYou can also use the Body Cover in conjunction with an IBC Container Heater. Firstly attach and turn on the IBC heater.\n\nThen put the IBC Body Cover over the top as an additional layer.\n\nLastly tighten the straps and you will get an even faster heating process.\n\nIf you wish for an even faster heating method, add an IBC Foil heater underneath the bottom of the IBC container.\n\nIn addition to heating or maintaining temperature, you can also add a top lid to the body cover.\nTechnical Information:\n\n Nylon materials.\n Water repellent.\n Adjustable straps.\n Quick release buckles.\n Standard Size: 1000L\n\nSizes:\n\n\n\nCODE\nDESCRIPTION\nSIZE\nIBC SIZE\n\n\n13-1432\nIBC Insulation Body Cover. IBC Insulation body jacket.\n4400 x 1000mm\nIBC 1000 Litre\n\n\n\nThis item is usually in stock and can be delivered within 1-2 weeks.\n\nIf you're requiring large quantities of Drum, IBC or Regular Heating Blankets or Covers, please do let us know and we can offer some further discount.

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