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Inspirational Heating Design
With all the vagaries of the British weather, it’s true to say that we do have to think about the type of heating that we put in our homes. Whether we aspire to a cosy cottage, a stylish city apartment, a seaside bungalow or a super functional family home we need to carefully consider all of the options available to us. However, we may not always have a real choice. If we have an older home we may have inherited a heating system that is no longer for for purpose, or if we are moving into a new property the decision may have already been made for use. In any event, key considerations for a new or replacement heating system are most likely to be based on one or more of the following options: Cost – installation, running and maintenance Fuel type – we may be limited on this, depending on where we live Environmental impact – a key consideration There is a fourth element too, but one that many seem to think is only an option for those fortunate enough to be able to afford an individually created architect home – design. However, here at The Glass Radiator Co., we design contemporary products for today’s interiors and our philosophy is: Why settle for ordinary when you can create an impact?

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