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The Future of Heating is Clear
Imagine you could reinvent the radiator. Why not use transparent materials? Why not do away with pipes? Don’t you dream about a radiator that looks as good as it heats? The grc Clear®: a combination of superior heating properties and clear design aesthetics. Clear glass Stylish and simple Flexible and energy efficient No plumbing required Perfect all-round the home, for conservatories, or office environments No transformers required The grc Clear® is an electric glass radiator. It consists of two sheets of glass laminated together, one of which has a coating that when connected to a suitable electric supply produces long-wave infrared or radiant heat. The grc Clear® comes in 5 sizes and prices start at £1395.00. Why grc Clear? Historically the Glass Radiator Co was the premier UK distributor for the sgg Thermovit ® Elegance and Mirastar glass radiators, and our aim was to bring this new wave of flexible, great looking heating systems to the interior market for both home and commercial applications. Having originally brought the sgg Thermovit ® to the UK market in 2007, we have now supplied over 1000 Thermovit radiators to the UK market and have been trained at the factory in the maintenance and repair of panels. Unfortunately due to events beyond our control Saint Gobain decided to stop making the Thermovit and so we sourced our new product from a different supplier. We have arranged the products into sets to make purchasing easy, all additional costs are shown. Over the years certain items have been discontinued such as fixed feet and brass finishes, however, there are still one or two items available so if you want something that is not standard please contact us. Clear Glass Panel The most popular option for the old sgg Thermovit ® was always the clear glass panel. The clear glass panel has no edge borders for any ‘buzz bar’ connections of power to the panel, which other companies have tried to produce without success. The clear glass radiator is the best option the heating should be subtle and is often used in bathrooms where money is spent on the tiles, and covering them with a solid block radiator is not the ideal solution. Please choose from one of the sets with the most common options. The sets are based on stainless steel fittings, if other types are required please get in touch. The grc Clear glass radiator can be used as a complete electrical heating system for all rooms in a house or apartment. Discounts are available for orders of 5 or more radiators. Please contact us with your enquiries.

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