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Significant cost savings from a Managed Print Solution

Morgan Motor Company is a manufacturer that hand-builds iconic British sports cars, famous around the world for their unique blend of craft, heritage and pure driving experience.

The company was established in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan with the design of the now iconic Morgan three-wheeler; this was followed in 1936 by the Morgan 4-4, which continues to be produced today, and is the longest running production car in the world.



Morgan is a fast-paced business with a high demand for printed documents, so scenarios such as toner suddenly running out, for example, was a real issue as it could potentially bring their work to a complete standstill.

Aside from the obvious objectives, Morgan required a solution with one single point of contact, based on centralised and productive printing devices that would offer reduced printing volumes and expenditure, and provide transparent printing costs.

The team at Morgan Motor Company needed a print service that would help reduce their printing costs, improve the quality of the documents they were printing and support them on their mission to be kinder to the environment.



Seven new MFPs were installed at Morgan’s premises to replace their previous desktop inkjet devices, plus one wide format printer. To ensure increased security, the MPS solution also included print management tools that extend the standard functionality of the MFPs by providing effective monitoring and control of the entire print system. The team is provided with a comprehensive overview of who is printing, what is being printed, and which printers is being used.

This remote device monitoring tool enables proactive management of the print fleet, detecting in real time any requirement for supplies or operational issues, which maximises uptime and improves productivity.


The result

  • Significantly reduced costs
    As a result of the managed print service Morgan has been able to drastically reduce printing costs per page.
  • Improved control over printing
    Tools within the print management software have enabled Morgan to monitor their print activity accurately and make changes where necessary.
  • Excellent service
    The team at BTS are always just a phone call away and it’s reassuring for Morgan to know that if there is ever an issue, an engineer will respond to it immediately.
  • Innovative technology
    Morgan can rest assured that BTS will always provide them with latest equipment and most up to date technology.
  • Reduced waste
    The ability to monitor the volume of paper being used has resulted in employees using less paper, so less waste!
  • Consumables management
    Previously, business could come to a standstill if toner ran out without any warning. Since BTS installed their MPS, Morgan are alerted when toner levels are low and replacements arrive immediately.

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