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Swivel Joints Scissors

Swivel Joint Scissors present a unique fusion of swivel joints and welded pipes, along with pipe elbows. These innovative swivels are purposefully designed to bridge substantial gaps, offering an effective solution for scenarios involving considerable distances. Particularly in instances where hoses are subjected to significant torsion, these serve as an ideal substitute, ensuring the secure conveyance of the involved media.


The configuration of pipe swivel joints in Swivel Joint Scissors allows for simultaneous horizontal and vertical swivel movements. This adaptability makes them well-suited for applications where both types of swivelling motions are required. These swivels find utility in diverse settings, such as sprinkler systems, walking beam furnaces, multi-stage presses, and ovens.


Notably, the availability of Swivel Joint Scissors in our standard materials ensures rapid and hassle-free seal replacement whenever necessary. It’s important to highlight that each is custom-tailored to meet the unique specifications of our customers. This approach allows us to deliver swivels that precisely match the requirements of various applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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