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Advantage House

Advantage House
Advantage House Tired of their clunky old storage heaters Advantage House needed something better to keep their clients warm. Advantage house is a prestigious managed office space company in the centre of Lichfield. They have a three story building constructed in the late 1980s there are six offices, one meeting room, and a reception area. It is poorly insulated, though improvements have been made over the years. The overall internal floor area is around 300m?. The problems: No gas at Advantage House. Predominately vintage storage heaters High level of night-time energy usage in the Winter months Hard to control ? they rely on the weather forecast! The heat had been given up before the end of the working day Additional convector heaters and fan heaters are used to top up the heating Bulky wall mounted heaters limited room layouts Dry heat ? burns the air The Solution: The Solution was to install ceiling mounted infrared heating panels with individual room controls. Our infrared heating panels were chosen and professionally installed by MES Electrical and Solar Ltd. Advantage House were also successful in obtaining a grant to fund a percentage of the cost with Staffordshire Council (SBEN). How did infrared heating solve the problems? They are responsive and thermostatically controlled The room warms up quickly There are controls in each room/area Zero maintenance Ceiling mounted freeing up room layout No more dry stuffy air Less energy is required to heat the same space Energy is saved by turning down the thermostats in rooms that are not used Advantage house carried out an energy usage comparison in January 2017 (storage heating) compared it to January 2018 (Infrared Heating) and calculated that they had saved 20% by switching to infrared heating.

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