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Premier Convenience Store
Premier Convenience Store Case Study for: Premier Convenience Store Brief: The shop display chillers caused a cold environment. Inspite of employing two 2kW convector heaters, air temperatures remained constantly around 10 Deg C with a stone floor temperature a low 4 Deg C. As a result, customers would rush through this section resulting in lost sales opportunities. Actions: We conducted a full survey, calculated the square metres and took temperature readings throughout the store. We supplied Premier with costs and projected savings and were approved to go ahead. Solutions: We fitted a series of 33 IHP 270W 595 x 595mm ceiling panels. These panels offer targeted and effective heating at an improved annual running cost. In particular they solved the problems at Premier Foods because the nature of our radiant heating panels is to target heat towards the people in the area, not just heating the air. Results: Within 2 days of commissioning, the shop temperature was sitting at 19 Deg C , with a floor temperature 13 Deg.C I thought I should write to you and let you know how pleased I am with the newly installed heating tiles - the heating tiles have transformed the shop floor - and the customers as well as staff are noticing the improved ambience - the whole of shop floor - all 2800 sq ft of it, is UNIFORMLY maintained at a good constant temperature - unlike air-con that results in 'cold corners'and 'heat spots'! I will definitely be installing these heat tiles in my new shop and will speak with you when we are ready with the ceiling grid in situ. Sunil Sood

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