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Hilltop Working Mens Club
Hilltop Working Men's Club In need of a change, Hilltop Club decided infrared heating would be an ideal choice. Hilltop Working Men's Club is situated on the edge of Worksop a typical club style constructed building with a concert room used for everything from disco to bingo. The concert room is used on average three nights of the week from early evening through till late. The problems: A mains gas wet system would require a huge capital outlay that would take forever to recover over three nights per week Blown air heating creates hot and cold spots The heating is noisy There are maintenance costs in addition to the aircon side of the system The heating comfort level is very difficult to control Lots of moving parts to go wrong and cause the heating to fail completely The system blows cold for several minutes as it purges before shutting down between on and off periods Blown heating is very dry, stuffy and uncomfortable especially if you are in the direct line of the vents No real frost protection to speak of the heating is either on or off The Solution: Our in-ceiling infrared panels were installed into the suspended ceiling grid with a thermostatic control timed to operate the heating on the day and time the heating was needed with frost protection as default for all other times. The Installation was carried out professionally by MES Electric and Solar Ltd. How did infrared heating solve the problems? Inexpensive and quick to install with very little disruption compared to a wet gas system Thermostatic time control only switches on when the heating is needed The room warms up quickly and evenly Silent when operating Our suspended in-ceiling panels are designed specifically for suspended ceiling grids and meet the British Standard safety requirements Zero maintenance with a 10-year warranty No more cold purge cycles Frost protection is a standard thermostat setting No more dry stuffy uncomfortable air

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