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Stubbs Tickets

Stubbs Tickets
Stubbs Tickets Stubbs Tickets still felt the cold despite their high bottled gas bill! Something needed to change. With their offices in the loft of a period building a few hundred years old on a farm on the outskirts of Lichfield. Stubbs Tickets have been in the printing business for over 15 years & keeping warm has always been an expensive problem. The problems: No mains gas Bottled flame gas heaters are a serious fire hazard Bottles have to be carried upstairs They are unable to preheat the office Uneven heat distribution staff have cold feet Additional convector heaters and fan heaters are used to top up the heating They have to remember to order the gas Dry heat ? burns the air Insulation is quite poor The Solution: The Solution was to install infrared heating panels angled towards each work area on the apex ceiling with a thermostatic room controller. Uneven surfaces to fix the panels to were no problem as we fitted special external brackets to fix to the uneven joists. How did infrared heating solve the problems? They are responsive and thermostatically controlled The room warms up quickly and can be preheated There are controls in each room/area Zero maintenance Ceiling mounted freeing up room layout No more dry stuffy air Less energy is required to heat the same space There is no longer a fire hazard We're very happy with our decision to install infrared panels in our office and have a noticable saving on what we used to spend on bottled gas and what we now spend on electric and we're all warm. Chris & Joan Haselgrove

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