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If you feel that your home or business needs a little TLC or improvement, then Findtheneedle will help get the ball rolling. Our free online design and interiors directory has a range of companies from all over the UK that can help you transform your business or home. We have a variety of interior design companies, so if it’s your office, shop or home, then we are guaranteed to source the right company to you. We have kitchen designers as well as shop fitters and showcase systems to tailor to your business needs .Interior designers can be hard to source, as well as not knowing where to begin, which is why we created a directory for you to gain a little inspiration, as well as take the first few steps to renovate your home or office either with flooring, furniture, shop showcase systems or curtains and blinds.

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If you have a lot of ideas on what you want your home or office to transform into, and need a helping hand or further inspiration then our Design and Interiors Directory is the only place you need to visit. By using our free online directory, it will give you access to over 60 top interiors companies who have been in the interiors industry for many years and who will offer their expert advice and help you in any way you can. Sorting out your interiors can not only be time consuming, but can also be costly, which is why our listings cater for a range of budgets, no matter where you are in the UK and all use quality products and services in whatever they do. So whether you need new rugs, flooring, upholstery, bespoke blinds, or just a completely new design, we can help. Look at our product pages for some inspiration and quick access to some of our listings most popular products.


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