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If your doctor’s surgery, medical practise, NHS Trust or hospital, needs to find medical equipment or medical supplies and more, then the UK Medical Directory on Findtheneedle has everything your business is looking for. Our directory lists the best businesses and organisations in the medical industry that specialise in a number of different things, but all have a reputation for providing quality medical products and customer care. Whether your business specialises in occupational health services or needs orthotic product supplier, have a look through our directory to find exactly what you are looking for. Our listings include a number of healthcare providers and patient handling equipment that are suitable for all budgets. If your business isn’t in the medical industry, we have a few listings that deal with first aid courses so you can learn a new skill, or implement it into your business by all your staff taking a first aid course. Look at our medical news page for all the latest news from our listings and keep up to date with all medical developments.

Medical Supplies


If your medical practice is looking for something a bit more specific, then you can find many medical suppliers in our UK Medical Directory. We champion all kinds of medical suppliers so you can find things such as hygiene wipes to medical storage systems, to perhaps the most specific requirements that could be bio film removal kits. You will be able to find medical equipment that is suitable for examination, assessment and clinical treatment as well as disposable medical clothing. All listings have a support team that will assist you in any medical queries that you may have, and all listings and their products and services comply with all current UK medical guidelines and standards. If you know exactly what your medical practice requires then have a look at our dedicated medical products page where you can find a list of general and specialised products. For example, you will be able to find aquasonic sterile ultrasound gel, as well as disposable latex gloves.


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