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Within the UK Chemical Gas and Oil Directory on Findtheneedle, you can find a varied range of companies that deal with UK Chemical, Gas and Oil needs on one of the UK’s largest online directory services. With this being a specialised sector, we know that you need the correct company for your specific needs, which is why we have many different companies to choose from, that are located all over the UK. All our listings have a products list and a contact profile, to give you plenty of information about what they do. Our service is completely free to all users, so you can forget about spending long hours searching the web for what you require. Some of the services listed on our Chemical Gas and Oil Directory include, waste management, chemical companies, UK oil companies, hazardous waste and gas detection services. Our product section also has plenty of different options for specific suppliers in chemicals, gas and oil in the UK.

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If it is Lab supplies you or your business is after, then Findtheneedle’s UK Chemical Gas and Oil Directory has all the supplies you will need for any kind of sector. We have plenty of lab equipment for all types of businesses, whether they are big or small, based all over the UK. By having many years of experience in directories, we have handpicked the best suppliers in this industry just for you, and are constantly on the lookout for more. We have many different services available for you including lubricants, specialised chemicals, cleaning chemicals, fluid control, filters, sample management and every day science equipment for a number of sectors. All products and services listed are fully detailed, so you will know exactly what you will be getting. We also have a news section tailored to all the latest happenings in the UK Chemical Gas and Oil world.

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