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If your business is after UK construction companies, or you are in the construction sector, then look no further than the Findtheneedle online Construction Directory. This is your one stop shop for all things construction. We have a wide range of companies in the UK construction sector, including tool hire services, air conditioning and heating services, groundwork supplies and surveying companies. These services and more can all be found in our easy to use directory, where you can find exactly what you need in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a specific product in the world of construction, then we also have a wide range of construction products at hand, linking you to the direct product page, with a fully detailed explanation about the particular product. If it is news you are after, we also have a dedicated section for all UK construction news, as well as a wide range of videos that may be relevant to what you are looking for.

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We are proud to have one of the largest and most visited directories in the UK, so we feel that you won’t be disappointed when looking through our extensive list of UK building companies on our online directory. By having both specialist and general building companies from all areas of the UK, We have companies from all aspects, including conservatory companies, building job websites and companies selling building equipment and products. However big or small the job may be, we are guaranteed to have a service listing that will lend a helping hand to you. We do all the work for you, so every listing has their contact details making it easy to reach the company of your needs. We also offer products, all from trusted companies if you’re looking for that something a little more specific such as pavement design or play areas.

Featured Product

Legato® Interlocking Concrete Blocks 

Elite are proud to present the ultimate engineered interlocking block – Legato®, the name coming from the Italian for ‘tied together’.

These high strength engineered blocks are cast from concrete which DOES NOT contain any recycled materials they are designed to provide a solution for a huge variety of projects including block wall flood defencematerial storage bays (e.g. aggregates, salt, light scrap metals, wood chip, tyres, white goods, bales, RDF waste, black bag waste etc) blast wallspendine wallsretaining wallscoastal erosion preventionfire break walls as part of Fire Prevention Plans, counter weights / kentledgesalt storagesilage clampsindustrial buildings and bridge abutments / supports..

Legato Block Bunkers

They are also suitable for various temporary works for example constructing cofferdams or creating solid barriers between open rail lines and those being replaced thus avoiding the need for disruptive ‘all line blocks‘ by allowing ‘adjacent live line working‘ / A.L.O. (Adjacent Line Open).

Before you start using our blocks we recommend you check out our unique stability and loadings directory below where you will find lots of guidance on wall heights, material storage and ground bearing / foundations etc – there are also great downloads available to assist in designing new stockbay walls (New Stockbay Wall design Guidance for Interlocking blocks) and inspecting existing walls (Stockbay Wall Inspection Guidance for Interlocking blocks

) or contact us on 01952 588885
or email where we can refer your questions to an experienced third party structural engineer.


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